Harness Rootly

Why Enterprises Should Intertwine Incident Management and Reliability Engineering

Date: Dec 12th, 2023

Time: 11:30 am EST / 8:30 am PST / 10:00 pm IST

Join Rootly and Harness for insight into how global enterprises are implementing their SRE programs. We'll discuss the four pillars of reliability and discuss how they all tie together to help ensure complex systems are not only reliable, but that the teams supporting these systems can do so in a more simplified, and repeatable, process. We'll specifically discuss the intersect between proactive reliability, establishing an automated incident response framework, and most importantly, ensuring incidents don't become unpredictable, "whack-a-mole" scenarios.

Who should join

SREs, Engineering, Incident Commanders, Performance Engineers, IT Directors, DevOps teams

What you'll learn

We'll break down the various pillars of Site Reliability Engineering (Observability, Incident Management, Change Management, and Chaos Engineering)

Learn how you can intertwine your proactive chaos engineering efforts with a repeatable, and automated, incident response process

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About the hosts

Matt Schillerstrom

Matt Schillerstrom


Matt has been in the technology industry for 20+ years, consulting customers on technology reliability and resiliency. Heโ€™s worked on I.T. disaster recovery tests on VAX computers running a nuclear power plant, large enterprise mainframes running fortune 50 companies, and 1000s of microservices running on Kubernetes. Most recently, he has been growing the chaos engineering community as an engineer at Target, product manager at Gremlin, and product marketer at Harness, helping to ensure developers can focus on solving problems instead of firefighting I.T. outages in the middle of the night.

Kyle McMeekin

Kyle McMeekin


Kyle has spent the last 9 years working in the DevOps space. He started his career leading the Solutions Engineering team at QASymphony (acquired by Tricentis). He then drove cloud alliances with AWS, MSFT and Google before he went on to build net new partnership programs at Kobiton, Gremlin now, Rootly. He has worked with global enterprises and their partners to help streamline their Incident Management processes.

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