Netherlands Identity (0254)

Denmark Landline (0241)

DVS - SA Birth, Marriage and Change of Name Certificates

Working Visa - VEVO

Address Complete

DVS - TAS Birth, Marriage and Change of Name Certificates


GBG IDscan Core

UK Affordability Indicators (0393)

New Zealand DIA Passport (0317)

New Zealand Directors (0312)

UK Mobile Fraud Signals (0402)

Hosted Platform (UK PROD)


Connexus Portal

Capture V3

AU / NZ GreenID Production Environment

Loqate (Matchcode360) Email Validation

GBG Connexus Platform

Group-IB Secure Bank

Mobile Validation

Connexus API

Capture V4

Datacare Self Service Portal

Loqate (Matchcode360) Landline Validation

Forensic Document Customer Service (FDE WhosOn)

South Africa GreenID Production Environment

Email Validation

GreenID Admin Panel

ID3global Service

Loqate (Matchcode360) Land Registry

Email Validation

GBG ID3global

Connexus CCJ Search


Connexus Credit Linked Addresses

Landline Validation

Email Validation

Loqate (Matchcode360) Mobile Validation

URU Service

GBG Datacare

Landline Validation

GreenID Business Verification

Hosted Platform (Australia POC)

Loqate (Matchcode360) Portal

Mobile Validation

UK Address Lookup (1000)


Phone Verification

DVS - Driver Licence (All States)

Connexus Email Validation

Bank Verification

Connexus Land Registry

Google Maps

Loqate (Matchcode360) Powersearch

Land Registry

GBG Loqate (Matchcode360) Platform


Connexus Landline Validation


Loqate (Matchcode360) REST API

DVS - Visa Verification

UK Age Range (0183)

Land Registry - Extract Service

Everything Location

Connexus Mobile Validation

Loqate (Matchcode360) SOAP API

DVS - Medicare Card

Land Registry - Online Ownership Verification


UK Bank Account Validation (0231)


DVS - Centrelink Concession Card

Find My Nearest

UK Births Index (0133)

DVS - Citizenship Certificate / Registration by Descent

Account Section

DVS - ImmiCard

UK Card Verification Check (0120)

DVS - ACT Birth, Marriage and Change of Name Certificates

UK CIFAS (0353)

DVS - NT Birth, Marriage and Change of Name Certificates

UK Credit Header (0154/0155)

DVS - QLD Birth, Marriage and Change of Name Certificates

UK Driving Licence (0107)

UK Edited Electoral Roll (0101)

DVS - VIC Birth, Marriage and Change of Name Certificates

UK Electricity Bill (0104)

ASIC Personal Name Search

UK Enhanced Driving Licence (0212)

UK Entitlement to Drive Check (0337)

Australian Claims Database

Australian Electoral Roll - AML

illion Australian Credit Header

UK Geo Lifestyle (0322)

UK Land Telephone Append (0106)

Australian Tenancy File

Data Co-Op Database

UK Mobile Identity (0389)

UK Mortality (0110)

FCS Public Number Directory

UK National ID Register (0245)


UK National Insurance Number (0230)

UK NCOA Alert - Flag (0158)

VIC Electoral Roll

WA Electoral Roll

UK NCOA Alert - Full (0239)

UK Passport (0103)

Argentina Identity (0391)

NZTA NZ Drivers Licence

Australia - Consented (0270)

DIA - NZ Passport / Birth and Citizenship Documents

NZ AA Membership.

Australia - Property (0272)

illion NZ Credit Header

Australia - Telephone (0273)

NZ LINZ Property

Australia Credit (0298)

Australia Driving Licence (0305)

TINZ - Tenancy Information

Australia Historical Electoral Roll (0299)

Experian Australian Credit Header

Experian NZ Credit Header

Australia Marketing (0357)

NZ Centrix Credit Header

Australia Medicare (0304)

Australia Passport (0303)

ACI Red Shield Device ID

Australia Property (0302)

DVS Hub - All Docs

Australia Telephone (0301)

Austria Financial (0252)

FCS illion Data Sources

Austria Population (0377)

Belgium Population (0328)

DVS - Birth, Marriage and Change of Name Certificates - ALL STATES

Belgium Telephone (0329)

Watchlists - Standard

Watchlists - Premium

Brazil Identity (0390)

Brazil Population (0287)

greenID Mobile V1

Canada Credit (0237)

China Bank Card (0362)

AU / NZ greenID Test Environment

China National ID (0361)

China Population (0309)

Czech Republic Population (0348)

Denmark Landline Name (0243)

Denmark Landline Telephone (0242)

Denmark Personal ID CPR (0244)

Egypt Identity (0381)

France Commercial (0371)

France Consumer (0372)

France Government (0373)

Finland Population (0351)

France Population (0331)

France Telephone (0330)

Germany Consumer (0201)

Germany Financial (0251)

Germany Landline (0203)

Germany Mobile (0204)

Germany Postal (0202)

Hong Kong Population (0324)

India Driving Licence (0374)

India Voter ID (EPIC) (0376)

Ireland Address (0206)

Ireland Voter (0205)

Italy Population - Codice Fiscale (0250)

Jordan Identity (0385)

Kuwait Identity (0383)

Luxembourg Landline (0263)

Malaysia Financial (0354)

Malaysia Population (0356)

Mexico Population (0278)

Netherlands Population (0358)

New Zealand Consent (0264)

New Zealand Credit (0319)

New Zealand DIA Citizen (0316)

New Zealand Driving Licence (0297)

New Zealand Driving Licence (0311)

New Zealand Landline (0266)

New Zealand MVR (0318)

New Zealand Property (0265)

New Zealand Property (0313)

New Zealand Telephone (0310)

New Zealand Vehicle (0314)

New Zeland DIA Birth (0315)

Norway Landline (0218)

Norway Landline (Telephone) (0224)

Norway Landline DOB (0222)

Norway Marketing (0217)

Norway Marketing DOB (0221)

Norway Mobile (0219)

Norway Mobile (Telephone) (0225)

Norway Mobile DOB (0223)

Norway Mortality (0226)

Norway Population (0216)

Norway Population (DOB) (0220)

Oman Identity (0384)

Poland Population (0334)

Qatar Identity (0382)

Romania National ID (0352)

Russia Identity (0359)

Saudi Arabia Identity (0379)

Singapore Credit (0326)

Singapore Population (0325)

South Africa Population (0259)

South Africa Identity (0369)

Spain Population (DNI/NIF) (0364)

Spain Commercial (0365)

Spain Consumer (0366)

Sweden Population (DOB) (0214)

Switzerland Financial Data (0253)

UAE Identity (0378)

US Identity (0388)

US Mobile carrier Check (0340)

USA Combined (0246)

USA Driving Licence (0176)

Document Image Validation (2002)

European ID Card (0235)

International Address (0200)

International Address Lookup (1002)

International Adverse Media (0332)

International Device ID (0234)

International IP Address (0153)

International Passport (0118)

International PEP - FCRA (0308)

International PEP Enhanced (0209)

International Sanctions - FCRA (0307)

International Sanctions Enhanced (0208)

International Mobile Phone Validation (0187)

International National ID (0186)

Smart International PEP (0344)

Smart International Sanctions (0343)

Netherlands Consumer (0400)

On-going Monitoring (0397)

Germany Schufa (0228)

UK Bank Account Verification (0261)

UK Credit Bureau (Basic) (0394)

UK Geo Affordability (0392)

DVS - NSW Birth, Marriage and Change of Name Certificates

greenID Mobile V2

DVS - Australian Passport

Australia Electoral Roll (0300)

UK Credit Header (0154/0155) - Match level Advanced/Enhanced

DVS - WA Birth, Marriage and Change of Name Certificates

Sweden Population (0213)

Customer Portal

Address (ANZ)

Address (International)

Email Validation

Company Lookup (AU)

Legacy RightAddress (ANZ)

Legacy Datasan (AU)

Datacare Managed Services & Automated SFTP

NZ Directors and Shareholders

GreenID Business - Creditorwatch Source

Phone Validation (ANZ)

Loqate for Australia and New Zealand (Harmony RightAddress)

Sweden Personal ID (0215)

GBG IDscan

Forensic Document Customer Service (Scannet - Live Support)

DVS - Immigration Documents (Visa / Immicards / Citizenship / Registration by Descent)

URU Portal

India Permanent Account Number (PAN) (0375)

ID3global Portal

Investigate Portal

Capture China

Verify China

Hosted Platform (Australia PROD)

Hosted Platform (UK POC)

GBG Investigate

UK Credit Bureau (Advanced) (0395)