Notion Integration

πŸ“œ Notion Integration

We are excited to partner together with our friends at Notion and be featured on their integration marketplace.

Customers can now enjoy automatically generated postmortems and incident timeline where they document work already, Notion.

With Rootly + Notion installed, customers can:

  • Create incident timelines automatically in Notion without copy-pasting from Slack
  • Automatically populate incident metadata (e.g. severity, resolution time, service impact, etc) for consistent data every time
  • Depending on the type of incident, different postmortem templates are dynamically used
  • Jira tickets are automatically linked, e.g. action items

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Find Rootly on Notion integration marketplace:

🌝 New & Improved

  • πŸ†• Quick access selector for incident variables in the postmortem editor
  • πŸ†• Launched on Product Hunt 😸
  • πŸ†• Incident variables for {{ incident.started_by }}, {{ incident.mitigated_by }}, {{ incident.resolved_by }}, and {{ incident.cancelled_by }}
  • πŸ†• Incident variables for {{ incident.mitigation_message }} and {{ incident.resolution_message }}
  • πŸ†• Ability to view and export Rootly status page subscribers
  • πŸ’… Redesigned making it even easier to navigate and discover
  • πŸ’… Redesigned sign up and sign in pages
  • πŸ’… Removed unnecessary links back to Rootly inside of various Slack event messages to reduce noise
  • πŸ’… No longer alert the user assigned a particular role if the user assigning the role is the same
  • πŸ’… Cleaned up copy around editing links in Slack to be more intuitive
  • πŸ’… Slack channels within the Rootly platform can be searched with or without a hashtag # channel-name
  • πŸ’… Delightful thank you page whenever you sign up for a personalized demo
  • πŸ’… Cleaned up how incident timeline toggles are displayed (e.g. only show starred events)
  • πŸ› Fixed issue where Rootly postmortem editor was occasionally not saving

Rootly helps you respond to incidents faster as a team and learn to prevent them in the future.