Retroactively Create Incidents and Modify Timestamps

⏲️ Retroactively Create Incidents and Modify Timestamps

Declaring an incident the moment it actually starts may not always be possible. Sometimes we notice incidents hours or days later. This causes skewed timestamps that paint an inaccurate metrics picture.

We are announcing the ability to retroactively create incidents and modifying all timestamps (started, detected, acknowledged, mitigated, resolved).

Easily backfill past incidents and accurately reflect actual start and resolved times.

  • Available at incident creation on Web and Slack as "Change start time" field
  • User timezones displayed when selecting new date and time
  • Modifying timestamps available on Web (per incident) and Slack (/incident timestamp), accessible at anytime of the incident
  • Built in guardrails to prevent e.g. Resolved occurs before Started
  • Metrics automatically get updated

🌝 New & Improved

  • πŸ†• Export incident timeline to CSV, JSON, XML format (found at the bottom of your timeline)
  • πŸ†• Creating new incidents now showcase ongoing incidents to ensure duplicates are not created in both Web and Slack
  • πŸ’… Workflow task for Jira now supports Due date attribute
  • πŸ’… Infrastructure enhancements as our customer base continues to rapid grow
  • πŸ’… Placeholder text in Web provide better guidance when you haven't created your first incident or postmortem
  • πŸ’… Workflow task for Shortcut can now map to assignee
  • πŸ› Fixed issue where marking an action item as canceled in Slack did not accurately reflect the number of open items

Rootly helps you respond to incidents faster as a team and learn to prevent them in the future.