Incident Feedback

✍️ Incident Feedback

Like organizations, your incident response process will evolve over time. We are making learning from incidents your superpower by closing the feedback loop.

Excited to announce the ability to collect incident feedback and data on the incident process. This will help reveal what is working and areas of improvement (e.g. communication).

Purposely designed to be accessible, feedback can be collected in Web or Slack, by default responders are automatically prompted when incident is mitigated/resolved or by running /incident feedback.


  • Fresh and accurate - gather feedback while still fresh and relevant instead of relying on postmortem review meetings a week late or manual surveys
  • Data - incidents scored on satisfaction and given an average ⭐ rating and text field for long form responses
  • Sample size - gather feedback from all incident responders and from those that would be less likely to voice their feedback for a holistic picture
  • Flexible - can use Workflows to modify feedback prompt timing and instructional text
  • Psychological safety - incident responders can submit feedback anonymously

🌝 New & Improved

  • 🆕 Can define default roles for new users that join Rootly (e.g. Admin, Users, Observer, Commander, any custom created) in organization settings
  • 🆕 Custom fields can be toggled on/off
  • 🆕 Custom fields in Slack can be updated at any time and can be managed separately
  • 🆕 Slack bots (including homegrown) other than Rootly can be automatically invited to incident channels just like responders
  • 🆕 PagerDuty alerts Rootly pipes into Slack now include a link to PagerDuty for reference
  • 🆕 Workflows can specify which days of the week to run (e.g. work days only M-F)
  • 🆕 Workflow for updating Google Doc postmortem
  • 💅 API Reference revamp using Stoplight:
  • 💅 If pinning a Slack message to incident timeline fails, we provide a helpful error message
  • 💅 Loading speed improvements in Slack when drop-down lists are long
  • 💅 Notion task in Workflows now have the ability to select pre-canned postmortem templates in Rootly
  • 💅 Custom fields now display in Notion generated postmortems
  • 💅 Slack buttons in incident channels are shortened to reduce visual clutter
  • 💅 All new Rootly accounts by default post incident updates in threads instead of broadcasting to channel
  • 💅 Workflows are categorized by enabled and disabled
  • 🐛 Fixed issue where on rare occasions duplicate incidents were being created

Rootly helps you respond to incidents faster as a team and learn to prevent them in the future.