Microsoft Teams Integration

πŸ“Ή Microsoft Teams Integration

We are excited to announce our video conferencing integration with Microsoft Teams.

As we further our market leading position for enterprise readiness, organizations will now be able to collaborate over Teams for high bandwidth conversations as they tackle incidents.

  • Create a Teams bridge automatically whenever an incident starts
  • Automatically bookmark Teams bridge to incident channel for easy access
  • Edit/replace Teams bridge link (e.g. if an existing one is already in use)
  • Leverage workflows to dynamically create Teams bridge (e.g. only SEV0 and SEV1 require a call)

Our Teams integration sits alongside other video conferencing tools already supported such as Zoom, Google Meet, Slack Huddles, Webex, and more.

Docs for getting started:

🌝 New & Improved

  • πŸ†• Specify notification channel whenever a workflow fails to run, found in Profile > Organization Settings
  • πŸ†• Service dependencies inside of Rootly service catalog
  • πŸ†• Alerts (e.g. PagerDuty) that Rootly pipes into Slack can now be customized with specific messaging and CTA buttons (e.g. create incident, link to alert, etc.), found in Workflow > Alerts
  • πŸ†• Workflow triggers for custom fields (e.g. custom field updated, etc.)
  • πŸ†• Action items can be exported to PDF
  • πŸ†• Incident timestamps (acknowledged, detected, started, mitigated, resolved) can be used as a workflow condition (set or unset)
  • πŸ’… Paging responders in Slack modal now separates escalation policies and users instead of combining
  • πŸ’… UI polishes around workflows and tasks
  • πŸ’… Infrastructure enhancements that makes bulk emailing and inviting users to Rootly better
  • πŸ’… Migration from PagerDuty webhook v2 to v3, enables additional event types around signal changes to incident severity, responders, and all around better sync between the two
  • πŸ’… Alerts tab added to main navigation menu in Web platform and Pulses is now nested under configuration
  • πŸ› Fixed issue where some users were prompted to reintegrate PagerDuty
  • πŸ› Fixed issue where workflow conditions for action items could run into a race condition
  • πŸ› Fixed issue where elapsed time in Slack did not update
  • πŸ› Fixed issue where clicking on an related active incident in Web platform did not redirect you to active incident channel

Rootly helps you respond to incidents faster as a team and learn to prevent them in the future.