Pause & Snooze Reminders

πŸ’€ Pause & Snooze Reminders

Alert fatigue is real! Teams set up reminders with the best of intentions - to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. However, too much notification can cause unintended distractions for response teams.

To help teams reduce unwanted interruptions, we introduced the ability to pause and snooze reminder workflows. Now, teams can quiet down the reminders with just a few clicks directly from Slack. No more need to disable/re-enable workflows - which can be tedious and error prone.

If you want a reminder to go on break for the next 2 hours, simply hit the Snooze button and set the duration to 2 hours.

If you want to halt the reminder indefinitely, a single click of the Pause button will keep it quiet until you choose to restart it.

To get started, customers can leverage a new workflow task called Send Slack Reminder or modify their existing Send Slack Message task with the new actions.

Checkout this short video to learn about how to pause and snooze reminders!

🌝 New & Improved

πŸ†• Position parameter introduced as a team attribute in Terraform to enable customizable list order
πŸ†• Enabled dependency linkage between Asana tasks in different projects
πŸ’… When creating new incidents, private incidents are no longer suggested as related incidents
πŸ’… Updated List Incidents API to be able to filter by last updated_at time
πŸ’… Enhanced Trigger Workflow task to only run if conditions of the ensuing workflow are met
πŸ› Corrected run logic on workflows with inactivity conditions
πŸ› Fixed issue with header fields incorrectly populating in Notion

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