Less Noise, More Flexibility: New Slack Notification & Emoji Options

🙉 Less Noise, More Flexibility: New Slack Notification & Emoji Options

We heard your feedback and made some adjustments to provide greater control and flexibility around how you configure Rootly in Slack. All of these can be easily adjusted in your Slack integration settings page. Here’s what’s new:

You can now disable user tagging on default threaded updates, like automatic timeline events. This can be adjusted by toggling “Mention user on timeline events” on or off based on your preferences. This can reduce noise for incident responders, while still providing confirmation that automated actions have been completed successfully.


You’re also no longer required to use the default emojis to perform actions in your Slack integration—you can now assign any emoji you want to pin events to the timeline, create a task, or mark as a follow-up action item. You can even assign multiple emojis to perform these actions!

Here's a quick demo of both of these customization options in action:

🌝 New & Improved

🆕 Introduced the ability to perform user lookup in workflows using a user’s name, email, or Slack ID
🆕 Naming of the downloaded retrospective PDF can now be dynamically set by altering the retrospective title
💅 Manual Export to Jira feature can now dynamically display required fields based on Jira Project Key and Issue Type
💅 Incident duration displayed on retrospectives are now displayed with a more detailed time (H:M:S)
🐛 Fixed inability to open dashboard reports sent by workflows
🐛 Fixed inability to provision custom roles using SCIM groups in Okta

Rootly helps you respond to incidents faster as a team and learn to prevent them in the future.