Integrate with Multiple Instances of Jira and Confluence

🔌 Integrate with Multiple Instances of Jira and Confluence

We understand the complexity that comes with managing incidents at enterprise scale. Organizations that are large or growing quickly often have multiple instances of Atlassian products like Jira and Confluence—especially if they've grown as a result of mergers or acquisitions. Having multiple instances allows for greater administrative autonomy as you can control who accesses which instances, and handle datasets differently based on your needs. As part of our continuous focus on delivering the most enterprise-ready incident management platform and feature set, we've launched the ability to set up multiple Jira and Confluence instances in Rootly.

With multiple instances configured, you’ll see a dropdown menu of your Jira/Confluence instances to select from in any workflows that interact with these integrations. This means you can automatically perform actions like:

  • Creating a Jira issue automatically when a new incident is created
  • Bi-directional syncing of action items from Jira to Rootly or vice versa
  • Automatically creating retrospective timelines in Confluence
  • Create a Confluence page within your Rootly Slack incident channel

…and more, in the instance of your choice!

To add another instance, head to the Integrations page in your Rootly web admin and click “Set up another instance” from your Confluence or Jira integration. Check out this quick demo to see how it works:

🌝 New & Improved

🆕 Replaced checkboxes with single-select field for marking incident kind as "normal", "test", or "backfill". The Create Incident form is now significantly cleaner and Incident Kind selection is much easier to understand.
🆕 Introduced dynamic count of filtered action items. Users will now see the count of action items change based on their filtered results.
💅 Optimized Audit Log page for better display. Now users will be able to see more data per page and cleaner data.
💅 Improved error response messaging on workflow failures.
🐛 Fixed inability to display Components field on web UI when publishing to
🐛 Fixed loading error on available channels in a Slack workspace

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