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January 16, 2024


Rootly Terraformer: Seamlessly Bring Workflows From Rootly’s UI to Terraform

Rootly Terraformer: Seamlessly Bring Workflows From Rootly’s UI to Terraform

☁️ Rootly Terraformer: Seamlessly Bring Workflows From Rootly’s UI to Terraform

Terraform is an infrastructure as code tool that lets you build, change, and version cloud and on-prem resources safely and efficiently. Rootly Terraformer is a CLI tool (installed via Homebrew) that auto-generates Terraform files (.tf) from your Rootly configurations—no more manually coding .tf files.

Most customers begin their Rootly journey using the Smart Default settings and some light customization within our web platform. However, as their deployment process matures, they may choose to set up multiple Rootly accounts designated for different environments. Deploying Rootly through Terraform allows customers to quickly mirror the configurations across multiple Rootly accounts. Now, Rootly Terraformer helps customers save significant time by removing the manual task of having to code each Rootly resource by hand.

If you want to manage your Rootly configuration through Terraform without coding the .tf files from scratch, you can simply generate them using Rootly Terraformer.

In this video, our Technical Support Engineer Shadab shows you how it works!

🌝 New & Improved

🆕 Introduced IncidentPermissionSets, IncidentPermissionSetsResources, and IncidentPermissionSetsBooleans services to enable granular incident permissions to be manageable via API
🆕 The display order of workflow folders can now be edited. This can be done graphically via the UI or systemically via WorkflowGroups API and rootly_workflow_group Terraform resource.
💅 User’s full name is now displayed on the incident timeline. Now there is no confusion when team members share the same first name.
💅 Repositioned search bar to be more visible for each configurable resource on the UI
🐛 Fixed inability to filter and sort incidents by severity at the same time. Now you can filter for specific serverities and then sort them from most to least severe.
🐛 Fixed display issue on “items per page” dropdown. Previously the clear button (‘X’) was blocking the selected value.

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👯‍♀️ On-Call Shadowing

🔌 Generic Webhook Alert Source

🔒 Lock Individual Workflows

🐦‍⬛ Round Robin Escalation Policies

🚨 Alert Sources

🔔 Configurable On-Call Shift Reminders

🪄 Dynamic Forms

🔐 Granular Role-Based Access Control Settings for On-Call

✉️ Emails as an On-Call Alert Source

🗓️ View Multiple On-Call Schedules Together

🤝 Partial Shift Overrides in Rootly On-Call

🏗️ Terraform + API Support for Rootly On-Call

🦉 Rootly x Thena Integration

🎬 New Full Platform Tour on

🔦 Drop-down Search in Escalation Policy Builder

🦊 GitLab Integration

Update Custom Incident Fields Using Workflows

🤖 Ask Rootly AI (+ More New AI Features!)

Rootly AI Editor: Fix Typos, Grammatical Errors, and Wordy Text Instantly

📊 Dashboard Sharing Permissions

✍️ Customize Your Wordbank for Automatic Incident Title Generation

🧠 Smart Defaults for Jira

🔌 The Rootly Plugin for Zendesk

🪄 Rootly Retrospectives

⚡ Command Palette: Lightning Fast Navigation with a Single Keyboard Command