Meet your newest AI teammate

Rootly AI is your experienced engineer in every incident, always having context so you're never left guessing what to do next. It automates tasks best left to robots, not humans, allowing you to focus on what's most important.

  • Incident summarization

    AI-generated summaries help you get up to speed quickly, whether you're joining at the start or an hour late. You're never left asking, "what's going on?".

  • Related incident detection

  • Proactive troubleshooting suggestions

  • Pull data from Datadog and other sources

Rootly AI Copilot

Enterprise-Grade Privacy for AI

The most regulated companies use Rootly AI. Security that will keep any compliance department happy.

1-click opt in or out

No questions asked or delays. Use our AI tools when you need them and turn them off when you don’t.

Data Scrubbing

We remove all PII and other sensible information before sending the data for AI processing.

Turn on/off specific features

You decide exactly what AI does and when human intervention is absolutely needed.

Granular Slack access settings

You’re under control of which Slack channels and messages are subject to AI systems processing.

Your data is never stored or used for training

Your data is only processed by OpenAI, but it will never be used for training, not even anonymously.

Bring your own OpenAI account

You can bring your own OpenAI account and choose your preferred GPT model.

Rootly AI Copilot

AI-powered learning from incidents

Rootly AI helps you see around corners and catch missed learning opportunities. We’ll suggest everything from action items to potential contributing factors. Designed to do the dirty work like automatically building reports.

  • Suggested action items

    Rootly suggests action items you may have forgotten during the chaos and even ones that you didn't think of.

  • AI Editor

  • Status page updates

  • AI-generated retrospectives

Rootly AI Copilot

Your conversational assistant during the incident and a powerful ally to learn how your incidents are evolving.

Rootly AI Copilot