Backfill and Import Past Incidents

πŸ«— Backfill and Import Past Incidents

Inevitably there will be incidents captured outside of Rootly, for example, an outage that lasted a few minutes that was automatically resolved due to self-healing that was in place.

However, it is still important to track it for posterity. We are launching the ability to Backfill and Import past incidents.

  • Does not trigger workflows that normally would when incident is created
  • Reflected appropriately in metrics with modifiable timestamps for accuracy
  • Enable or disable ability to Backfill via Configuration > Form Fields
  • Supported via API

🌝 New & Improved

  • πŸ†• Live on Launch YC
  • πŸ†• Workflow trigger for Slack channel created
  • πŸ†• 6 min demo overview on Rootly
  • πŸ†• Workflow trigger and incident variable for whenever a new user joins the incident Slack channel, {{ trigger.user.slack_id }}
  • πŸ†• Ability to update role based tasks from Terraform
  • πŸ†• Ability to edit Slack Blocks from Terraform
  • πŸ†• Ability to edit action items from Terraform
  • πŸ†• Download metrics dashboard as PDF and email reports via workflows
  • πŸ’… Terraform errors surface exception message minimizing need to dive into logs
  • πŸ› Fixed issue where some PagerDuty accounts were failing to authenticate
  • πŸ› Fixed issue related to Terraform schema
  • πŸ› Fixed issue where Update PagerDuty Incident task would auto-populate title field
  • πŸ› Fixed issue where for some users they were listed as a subscriber of an incident twice
  • πŸ› Fixed issue where some workflows were running delayed
  • πŸ› Fixed issue where case insensitive slugs caused 500 errors
  • πŸ› Fixed issue where status page updates on Rootly were double posting
  • πŸ› Fixed issue where date picker was handling timezone incorrectly
  • πŸ› Fixed issue where workflow versions had empty changed by field for some users
  • πŸ› Fixed issue where most recent incident was listed second not first for some users on Web Platform

Rootly helps you respond to incidents faster as a team and learn to prevent them in the future.