Multi-Organization and Workspace Support

🏘 Multi-Organization and Workspace Support

We are excited to launch the ability to have multiple organizations and workspaces of Rootly under the same roof and license.

Why? Companies and enterprises are not one dimensional in their needs. They are comprised of multiple departments, sibling organizations, acquisitions, and all of whom might have wide ranging requirements when it comes to how incidents are managed.

By having separate workspaces, organizations, and instances of Rootly, this unlocks the ability to not step on each others toes. For example, the NOC department will likely handle incidents differently from the rest of the company. The sister company that was acquired that will remain separate from the parent org has different tools they'd like to use. The SRE team that has a sandbox environment to experiment with new processes before rolling to production.

Use the same Slack workspace across all of your Rootly organizations! Upon incident creation, users will be asked to select which organization they would like to create their incident in (see header image).

Regardless of your organizational complexity, the UX for responders is simple and intuitive.

  • Be part of and switch between multiple organizations within the Web Platform without needing to logout
  • Support for multiple domains
  • Plug in the same or different integrations as needed (e.g. company uses the same Jira but different PagerDuty accounts)
  • User and usage is counted towards a single license

Existing users - to setup a new organization, contact your account team via Slack or Once enabled, on the Web Platform > Profile > Switch Organization. The ability to switch organizations on Slack will appear after you've integrated the same Slack workspace across multiple Rootly organizations automatically.

🌝 New & Improved

πŸ†• API endpoints to mark the incident as started, mitigated, resolved, and canceled
πŸ†• Default postmortem timeline is in chronological order and incident timeline is in reverse chronological order (most recent first)
πŸ’… Infrastructure improvements to how we handle webhooks
πŸ’… Significant infrastructure improvements around increasing test coverage
πŸ’… Incidents deleted by accident can be recovered by requesting to or in your teams shared Slack channel with Rootly
πŸ› Fixed issue where form fields where not being respected on the Web Platform when disabled
πŸ› Fixed issue where some Slack redirect links were incorrect

Rootly helps you respond to incidents faster as a team and learn to prevent them in the future.