🎣 Webhooks

Rootly is the only enterprise-ready incident management solution. Part of that is extensibility of our systems. We are excited to kick-off 2023 by launching Webhook support.

Support for a variety of webhook events.

  • Incident lifecycle (e.g. started, resolved, deleted, etc.)
  • Postmortem (e.g. published)
  • Alerts
  • Workflows (e.g. started, completed, failed, etc.)

Additionally, detailed audit trail of when the webhook was delivered, if it's successful or not, and the request/response payload is made available.

Create unlimited number of webhooks with the ability to easily toggle on/off.

Available to all customers at time of publishing. Found in Rootly.com > Configuration > Webhooks.

Read more about this in our documentation.

🌝 New & Improved

πŸ†• Workflow trigger event for slack_channel_converted
πŸ†• API call for scheduled maintenance
πŸ†• Incident variable for converting incident timeline events into a table format
πŸ’… Incidents created from a PagerDuty alert will sync start time in Rootly with occurred at time in PagerDuty
πŸ’… PagerDuty and Opsgenie incidents created by Rootly escalations are marked as resolved whenever Rootly incidents are resolved
πŸ› Fixed issue where date picker on workflow triggers was not working
πŸ› Fixed issue where clicking change start time on Web Platform incident creation was not working
πŸ› Fixed issue where editing role permissions in RBAC was not working

Rootly helps you respond to incidents faster as a team and learn to prevent them in the future.