🧠 Smart Defaults for Jira

🧠 Smart Defaults for Jira

Because we work with some of the largest and most complex enterprise use cases, our Jira integration goes deeper than the other tools on the market. In addition to bidirectional syncing for incidents and action items, you can integrate with multiple Jira instances and projects including on-prem, and enjoy fully customizable custom field mapping. As we continue to evolve this crucial integration, it’s key that we keep ease of use at the forefront of our product philosophy—this is where Smart Defaults come in. They’re our recommended default settings that come enabled out of the box so you can start syncing with with Jira with minimal setup. The result: we meet you where you are and help you level up along the way. 🤝

Here’s a look at what comes out of the box with Smart Defaults when you add Jira to Rootly:

  • Toggle options to specify which capabilities you want enabled. Want to sync all your incidents to Jira, but keep action items only in Rootly? No problem. You can toggle off “Create Jira subtask ticket for action items”.
  • Specify what 'Type' you’d like Jira tickets created as (e.g. Task, Subtask, Bug)
  • Specify the 'Status' should tickets be created as (“To Do” is our recommended default), or you can use a Workflow to update the Jira ticket status every time you update the status in Rootly.
  • Automatically bookmark Rootly-created Jira incident ticket in your incident Slack channel so it’s always easily accessible

These settings cover the vast majority of use cases for Jira syncing, but if you need to go deeper with custom field mapping, syncing across multiple projects, and more, our Workflows have you covered.

To get started using Jira with Rootly, read our Installation instructions here and check out the demo below for a walkthrough of the simple setup:

🌝 New & Improved

🆕 Jira transition webhooks can now be handled by Rootly. This is particularly useful if you only want to receive alerts whenever a Jira ticket changes status.
💅 Rootly Guided Tutorial can now be enabled/disabled under Organization Settings. If your team no longer requires the tutorial or you’d like to configure your own training procedure, you can now hide Rootly’s out-of-box tutorial from the UI.
💅 Improved Trigger Workflow modal behavior on web UI to return cleaner and more informative results.
💅 Improved display of dropdowns to better handle selections with longer texts. Now they will be wrapped instead of allowing horizontal scrolling.
🐛 Fixed sporadic occurrences of existing Slack channels unable to be converted to incident channels.
🐛 Fixed inability to export action items to Jira through the web UI.
🐛 Fixed issue with Jira Smart Defaults failing to save for Jira On-Prem integration.

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